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I lived in an apartment on Carlton street on the south side of the Berkeley campus, a few blocks from Telegraph avenue.  Tytus and Susan Bowleslawski lived in the apartment next door.  Tytus was a Berkeley architecture major and Susan had an … Continue reading

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The 450

My dad’s midlife crisis car was a red Mercedes 450 SL.  Actually I think dad had it pretty together about then.  He must have been relaxed and stress free because he let me drive the 450 pretty much any time … Continue reading

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Trifecta: first car, first day, first accident

Paul is a very funny guy.  The ’67 Mustang his dad bought him in high school had dymo labels on the dash such as “Pull for chute after 120 MPH” by some switch, and “Je t’adore” by the door handle. … Continue reading

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